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I have recently started brazilian jiu jitsu. I would say that I am probably one of the worst practitioners in my club and I get throttled by everyone. It is however great fun and there is a lovely ethos in the gym that focuses on the community and in particular I feel it provides a great outlet for the teenage members who have an engaging outlet for physical activity that rivals the games console. 

I have volunteered for Foróige for a number of years doing both the big brother scheme and as part of an outdoor activity team. We engage in hiking, rock climbing and canoeing and in both schemes I have been lucky enough to work with Brian Keogh who operates out of Wicklow and has spent 30 years working with young people in the outdoor adventure settings and I have personally witnessed how transformative the process can be for those who take part.

I've been mad for hiking for years now and I'm out for a day long hike most weekends. Its very rare that I miss one. No other scenario provides for 6 hour conversations. Hikes have always provided the time to think up schemes of work as my companions are almost all artists and designers.

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