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Oil Pastels.

This class will run as an oil pastel workshop where learners who engage will get a chance to focus on the key elements of an often ignored medium. The class will be made up of three exercises each concentrating on a different aspect of the medium. Firstly colour as a means of creating tone. Then colour as a means of creating dynamic tension and finally pastels application towards texture via layering and directional application.

Oil pastels are often ignored and poorly taught in my experience of working in schools and colleges. I also sometimes forget how useful a bridge they are to oil painting. More useful in many ways than acrylic painting. Even oil painting is losing its allure in the face of a current explosion of good quality graffiti art which while exciting lacks textural variety and a variation of application. I would like to take this chance to champion a medium that I love for its richness and weight.


Upon successful completion of this class learners will be able to:

Create finished works in the medium of oil pastel that demonstrate an understanding of colour, texture and tone. .

Explore and play with the dynamic created by mutually exclusive colours like red and blue..

Utilize colour in the creation of tone by pre shading areas of shadow with complimentary colours.

Investigate the process of creating textures by building up layers of oil pastel and using directional application to maintain dynamic tension.



Paper, Oil Pastels, Mark making implements.

Please Bring:

Oil Pastels, Mark making implements.

Key Art Elements:

Colour - In raw application and mixing in layers.

Contrast - The use of complimentary colours to affect tone and create dynamic tension/

Texture - The building of layers and the directional application.

Form - The use of colour and tone of transforming shape into form.

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