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As an artist I engage in many activities as part of a whole practice.I have a painting practice and I make videos and I engage in workshops and long term interactions with different groups that often involve sculpture.I think the central theme of my work is that of explorating the media I engage with. I search for flaws in the medium and then exploit them to provoke fun and creativity.


My paintings refer to the slip that occurs when representing the outside world through means that are bound mostly to their own internal condition. Paint is paint and the concerns of paintings in its current context are very much the concerns of its own being, although I think that this is slowly changing for painting.


My video works engage in a similar exploration but through the medium of language and video editing. Video can never recreate the fullest truth of a reality no matter how many cameras and mics are used and language is built upon the shaky ground of aproximations and is prone to all kinds of misunderstandings.


Recently my work in sculpture has been less analytical and more concerned with allowing unconscious elements to surface and dictate the direction of the finished works and this has informed my general practice and affected my painting and video work. So now my work is in a kind of flux between the analytical and the unconscious which is not as uncomfortable a place as I imagined.


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