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Deaf Education and Mainstream Inclusion in Ireland:

An Examination of Policy and Practice at Second Level.


My thesis was an examination of deaf and hard of hearing (D/HH) education and mainstream inclusion at secondary level in Ireland. This was considered within the context of Special Educational Needs(SEN) incluson as an international initiative and D/HH education in both specialist and mainstream schools. The thesis briefly examined the theory and policy that informs SEN inclusion in Ireland and then specifically D/HH inclusion. There was some examination of the historical context surrounding the initiatve and the intersecting agendas of those whom have an interest or are affected by the process. The theory and policy were used to formulate questions that were posed to participants within a sample group made up of those who are directly affected.The research used interviews, completed by three students and one teacher who operate within different D/HH educational settings. The data from those interviews was collated in respect of themes and compared to policy and theory in an attempt to demonstrate cohesion and or expose any potential contradictions. Any themes that emerged from the interviews that were not anticipated within the questions were given due consideration in light of the criteria established within the initial research.

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