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The Change Lab.

Our work began at a point of personal engagement with our own living spaces and the intimacy and sentiment we project on to the objects we have accrued and failed to release. The unconscious shrines that surround us and the sometimes disposable status of the objects within them. Our capacity to hoard and inability to let go of things brought us to a consideration of disposal and excess. Surplus and waste. What constitutes responsible processing of excess goods? What is it to consume and move on? Can we look at waste accumulating around us and claim ownership or do we ship it out of sight and mind? We sometimes make small monuments of the disposable in our homes and in contemplating the incinerator at Poolbeg we could see a major monument to the means of disposal built on our doorstep. This provoked an engagement with the local populaces of Ringsend and Sandymount to gain a deeper understanding of what process means to a community. The work is meant to call to mind our commitment to responsible consumption, one of the seventeen sustainable development goals. We approached the work from the personal and moved to the perspectives of larger communities in the hope that the work can claim a space on the doorstep of a global perspective.

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